SimplyPATS software compatible with Seaward Apollo

Seaward Apollo

Seaward Apollo now compatible with SimplyPats Software

Some Good News for Owners of the Apollo 500 or 600 and SimplyPats software.

If you’ve been tempted by the new Seaward Apollo range of PAT Testing machines, you may have been looking around for suitable software for it. The Apollo is designed to work with Seaward’s own PAT Guard 3 software (which is of course, very good) although some people have been put off by Seaward’s decision to license the software (via a yearly subscription) rather than sell it outright.

Other people have been using SimplyPats software with their previous PAT Testing machines, (or maybe used a selection of different testers) and were disappointed to discover that Seaward had only allowed the Apollo 500 and 600 to work with their own software.

Now, Simply PATs have announced that their latest version of their software (7.0.4) will support the Apollo 500 and 600.

The latest version is due to be released later this year but is available immediately on request to any user wishing to use it with an Apollo PAT Tester.

Carl Mason from SimplyPats writes:-

Version 7.0.4 includes support for the Seaward Apollo 500 and 600, however users will need to make sure that their PAT Tester is running Firmware Version 2.9.1-29 or newer as this includes the optional “Output Data to Other Software” option.
We are only able to import the data that is included in the “Other Software” option, at the present time this includes:
  • All electric test results, including point to point and RCD data.
  • Images (max of 2).
  • Retest dates, but will not include the fields form the electrical risk assessment form used to calculate the retest period.
The firmware will not support upload of data from SimplyPats to the Apollo.

See it in Action here: Seaward Apollo and SimplyPats

The Seaward Apollo range of PAT Testers, as well as the latest editions of SimplyPats are available from Yotari Ltd and other suppliers.

Seaward Apollo and SimplyPats Software

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