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PAT Testing Course

Train to be a PAT Tester!

PAT Testing is not a particularly difficult task, although it is important to do it correctly. It is a great idea to get trained up in PAT Testing – whether you are looking to offer an additional service to your customers, or want to test your own equipment to save money for you or your employer. PAT Testing is a great skill to have – if you do any kind of technical job, it’s a great thing to have on your CV!

There is a wide range of courses available – from one-day PAT Testing training courses from companies such as PAT Testing Expert through to long courses ending up in a City and Guilds qualification.

You may have heard about the C&G 2377, which is really a qualification on the IET Code of Practice, rather than a qualification in PAT Testing – in other words if you complete a C&G course you will spend a lot of time studying the theory but not so much on the practical aspects. Of course, a C&G qualification looks good on paper, but it doesn’t usually give you the practical knowledge that you need to carry out PAT Testing in the real world.

Have a look at this page which will tell you more:- PAT Testing Courses FAQ

We recommend that whatever method you choose to learn about PAT Testing, you keep your knowledge updated through networking, keeping updated through sites like this, and by keeping updated on changes in the legislation.

You can attend courses which are held at various locations across the UK, or you can even arrange on-site pat testing courses from many companies.