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PAT Testing is a process by which electrical appliances are checked regularly to see if they are safe – in other words, somebody looks at them every so often to see if they are dangerous or not. Sometimes the checking process will involve electrical tests – other times only a visual inspection will be necessary.

PAT Testing

It is definitely NOT a legal requirement to have all of your electrical appliances tested by an electrician every year. Nor is it a legal requirement to pay a company to carry it out for you. However – you have to do SOMETHING – if you ignore electrical safety completely, and then you have accident, you will be in trouble. Health and Safety legislation in the UK makes the employer responsible for the safety of electrical appliances in the workplace.

The aim of this website is to provide common sense and practical information to enable you to make some sensible decisions about what to do. It might be that you need to get your appliances checked by a competent person, or you might consider getting the relevant training so you can do it yourself. It could be that you decide not to carry out a formal PAT Testing regime, but simply rely on your staff carrying regular visual inspections. The information on this site will help you with those important decisions.


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